We train ceos, marketing and sales to bring in new business sustainably

In business lingo we do phygital business development, we call it human development online and face to face.

Ethical digital business development

Yes, that's right, ethical. Because we believe in honesty and doing good with business, we help companies do both.

So if you want to be part of a 21st century that is good for humanity, online ethical communication is the standard we set for our customers.

We know that some say bad advertising does not exist, but falacies sell easy. Bad publicity is like a bad business, it's bad no matter what you say.

So we help you avoid it so you can grow your business responsibly.

Heard of the buzzword phygital?

It is the combination of physical and digital.

Behind the buzz hides the richness of physical encounters powered by the reach of digital.

We do both, this is how we know.

Event business development

You're exhibiting on trade shows, go to conventions and business networking but you fail to see the return on investment (ROI) ?

We live in strange times, and human relations are not what they used to be. That's why we've trained + 13 000 companies work their human posture: their psychology and their way of connecting to people, genuinly and efficiently.

What counts after all is human progress and hapiness, numbers are just a reflexion of that. So the way we work is humanistic, fun and guess what ?

It's productive and sustainable.

Why work with us

Cut through the marketing bullshit

Marketing and sales people use so many buzzwords (story telling, pitching, luckwarm calling, social selling, psychomarketing) they will soon make policians look genuine. We guess that's how they pretend they invented something new so you want it. We don't buy that. Nor do smart consumers.

We know that the eye cannot see itself, that you have only two hands and that people are... complicated and oversolicitated. Hence why you might need help to cut through the fog and make your business progress. We're this adjuvant in your struggle for success.

With 95% of new products fail to find their markets and most companies bankrupt within 3 years, we believe that connecting with the right person in the right way is paramont to getting your company rock and rollin'. This is the one thing we do very well, ease relationships and connections between humans. An essential skill for business.

Connect genuinely, exchange and partnership will follow

We don't have a time machine, but we use old school human need for genuine connection to make your business progress.

Got an online presence? Need to grow your audience, find new leads and customers ? 

Strange world where we spend close to 5 hours a day online, saturated by information and the thousands out there wanting to sell you something. Navigating and being effective in this jungle is our job, if you need guidance, happy to help.





  • Online ROI boosting
  • Online advertsising
  • Social selling
  • Community management
  • Community development
  • Social advertising



  • Face to face ROI boosting
  • Trade Show & Conventions choice
  • Emplacements & booth design choice
  • Visitors engagement techniques
  • Conversations mastering
  • Follow-up Strategies

Want to make your trade shows, conventions and networking moments profitable?

Trade shows, conventions, business networking events are where it's at, so they say. But in these oceans of time, money and energy footprint, you just fancy some R.O.I. ? We're put so many company back on their feet in these busy environment, we're sure we can help you improve. If we're wrong, it's free. Yes we're that damn serious about trade shows.





Qui nous sommes

2 experts en développement humain et business en ligne et face à face.

Comme un bon vieux burger avec ses frites, on sait comment rassasier votre faim de consommateurs.


Le virtuose digital

Self made digital expert with a proven record track of pumping up the volume of engagement.
Avner has lived and travelled in 33 countries in the last 10 years. While working from his laptop, he gained an extensive understanding of humanity ex machina.
He'll help you light the fire of humans travelling without moving on the internet and make them click and engage with what is it you have to offer the world.

L'expert salon

Trained in Canada & the USA, Ruben has an unmatched talent to create links with strangers in a matter of seconds. Your best ally for your trade show engagement. Charisma is what people say he has though he would claim it's just an unmatched curiosity for the world and the humans shapping it.
A trainer with an indeniable passion for humanity, he forever changes the way his clients see themselves and their customers.

The financial director

An old jedy of accountability. Favorite colors black and red. Definiteley the dark side of our organization holding our universe together and wishing to make us become an empire. He's tough on our spendings, he might be tough on you for payments, but there is good in him though he sometimes thinks he is our father.

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